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My little Froggie

For those who follow my facebook would know that recently my boy has adverse allergic reaction to certain food substance.  The current suspects are either artificial flavour or colourings.  Which is a big headache for us as almost all the food here in Thailand contains them. 

The rashes normally starts from the mouth and then spreads all over the body.  The recent attack was so severe that Boy boy was admitted to the hospital in Chiang Rai.  That was 2 days before my trip back to Maesai.

He's now more stable and we are very careful on the food we place in his mouth now.  Its a bit of a problem whenever we eat as he is quite a greedy little bugger.  If we don't give him some, he starts to complain... Anyway, this is also a little blessing in disguise as the reaction scares the hell out of my wife and so she stops feeding my kids all those junk food.. :P

He's still a bit sticky to mommy now (as usual for kids when they are not feeling well) but at least he allows me or my mum to carry him around.  Much more mellow then his sister. 

Ah boy now can crawl and sit but not for long.  His crawling style is like doing push ups... hehehe damn funny and he gets active when he's on a bed or on soft ground.  Once in a while, he positions himself like a frog and starts to leap forward.  Can really "jump" quite far leh..  A bit scary when we see him to that but he seems to enjoy doing it.  I tried capturing this on video but its so fast then I still have not get  the footage....

All in all, wish to thank all my concern friends on his status.  All is well here in LOS and we are still waiting for my wife's status..  Seems like we are still in the queue as they have not processed my wife's village yet.  Our hopes are not that high (since its more than 3 months) but still just hope that day will come sooner or later.

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