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My New Phone - Google Nexus 1

Its been 2 years since I got my HTC touch cruise and its showing its signs.  Takes longer to charge and getting slower to use everyday.  And although I hard reseted it to make it go faster.   It still slow compare to the latest smartphones out there in accessing the web.  Blame WM 6.1...

I have been using smartphones with windows mobile ever since when I was in the army.  Its a pretty good PDA Os( first device was the casio E500 :P before my iPaq)

So HTC touch cruise will be my last Windows phone.  Especially true when I saw my friend's Hero running Andriod.  I have read much about it and already planned to get such a device.  When the hardware and the OS is mature enough.  The phone was released only recently and you could only buy it via Google web store.  As usual, I read about it and was still undecided until another geek friend of mine who used to own an iPhone bought it and show it to me.  And I'm sold. 

I have been using it for more than a week and so far so good, it met my expectations.  There are 3 cons I find concerning this phone which I hope they will be improvements..

1st thing is that the apps can only be installed on the phone main memory (SD card for notes, photos, videos and music nia) 512MB and preinstalled with stuffs.. which left only 192mb for your other apps..  This is ridiculously small in this era leh... I do heard they are working on this and I hope they will come up with an update on this issue.

2nd is a missing stylus... yes, I still enjoying poking a screen with my plastic pen on my WM devices... Just a habit I need to get rid of. Onscreen keyboard is good but I like ease of copy and paste using a stylus on WM.  Even the iPhone did a better job in selecting text with their magnifying glass highlighting oiption(although still loose to a stylus though).

3rd is the battery life.  A bit weak as I am already a light user and it could only last less than 48hrs (less than 2 days)

So some may ask.. why not get an Iphone?? 3 reasons

1)Bloody Itunes sucks big time as a syncing software.  And you need to connect physically with the computer to copy music and files.  No such issues with Andriod. No such issue with WM too since active sync allow bluetooth syncing too! :)

2)Closed Source.  Can't change or hack the device easily as its closed source.  You can root it but confirm spoill the warranty of the device.  Again, no such issues with andriod phones., easier to root (if you want too) and you can unroot it back  :P

3)Too many iPhonies , this is a lousy reason to some but I just hate to be one of the crowd... I like to be different (call me wierd but its just me..) People using canon and nikon cameras and switching camp while I still stuck with Sony/Minolta hehe..

Price with GST included is a whopping $825.  My most expensive phone till date... But its practically a mini computer (bloody 1 Ghz processor leh).  Will last until it spoils or the Nexus 6 model is released.. :P


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HH said...

The thing that put me off the iphone is the bloody camera.