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Sport's Day!

This actually happened this monday on the 22nd Feb.  Its Sports Day in school.  Well.. not really sports but games day.  It was supposed to be held in December last year before the end of the term but it was cancelled due to an outbreak of the flu virus in the Northern Region.  So this little games event was kind of like a "make up" for the last one.

The event started with a mini parade which the kids marched around the school block then proceed to the little field behind the school.  Plenty of games were involved.  The whole school were involved and the kids were spilt into 4 colour teams.  They were also spilt among the classes.  Girl girl was on the red team while her best pal Na Pat was on the purple team.  Below are some shots of the day. 


And ah boy was there to cheer his sister up..... more like staring at the kids though... hehe

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