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Bath Time!

Just want to post a quick one before hitting the bed.   I have been bloody busy since I was back in Thailand.  We have changed the title deed of our house and motorbikes.  Also bank accounts and etc etc....Took this today during bathing time.. hehehe..


More pics later.  But I just love this photo in the entire series :P




On March 18, 2010 at 12 noon

I received a call from my wife informing me that in her hands, are the documents and new photo id.  Declaring her and my kids to be a full fledge citizens of Thailand.

I just woke up from my sleep actually (I was working night shift last night) so I was half awake and half sleeping when I received that call.  I actually went back to sleep without thinking much.. I thought I was dreaming  :P. But I re-confirmed it just now when I woke up. Immediately gave my wife a call and she said "I'm at home celebrating already!"  

So it hit me. For 5 long years I have waited for this day to come and it came in such a very short notice.  The last update was that they are going up to the Amphur today to get a number but everything was completed in the first half of the day (A very first for me that the Thai officials worked so fast :P).  Normally it will take a day just to even sign a bloody form....

Can't really explain my feelings now.... hands are a bit shaking and still wonder if this is a dream hahahahaha... I actually felt a bit dissapointed as I'm not physically there with my wife today....

So now I have tons of things to do in Thailand.  My options are threw wide open.  I am no longer bounded by my current predicaments.  There are other problems to solve but at least I don't get the answer of "not able to do it" due to my wifer's stateless issues.

It will be a day I will remember forever and its such an easy to date to remember.  March 18.  Just 2 months before my girl's birhtday (May 18).

So just one to declare one more time.  On March 18, 2010.  My wife and kids are stateless no more.  They are citizens of Thailand. :D


Some great news.

For those who have been following my blog, my main problem (wife's citizenship) is going to be solved soon.  My wife and I had been travelling up to the Amphur so many times that we befriended some of the officers up in th amphur.  And since my wife dare not to drive the car up the mountains.  We left our contacts to one of the officers in the amphur.  So if there are any information regarding our application, he could give us a call.

Yesterday wify received one of the best phone calls ever.  The officer called and informed my wife that on his hand are the documents that are signed and stamped.  Approving my wife's full citizenship.  Now its only waiting to be called up to the office to take a photo id and she is a full thai citizen.  No more movement restrictions in the country and harressments from other gahment related bodies.

Girl girl is also given Sian Chart.  So its a double win! We were a bit worried as we only applied for Mommy but Thai laws automatically grant her full citizenship too.  So this is true (for those who are speculating in the forum,)  I am a living example that your childrens will be granted full citizenship before the age of 13)

All in all, wife is pretty excited and hopefully she will be called up within this week to take the photo id.  Political tension is high now in Bangkok so I hope she could get it done before everything goes haywire again.....

Will be going back this coming Friday for a short trip.  Girl girl will be performing a dance rountine in a school (end of term) event.  She complained to wify that why I was not around last year so this year I am making sure I will be there for her :).

All fingers crossed. 


Just another day.

Just realised I have not written since 28th Feb and its already in the middle of March!! Time flies when you are busy and its good as I will be going back for a short trip this coming friday. 

Its also a day to take note of as 14th March is the date where the Thaksin loyalist Red Clan is conducting another mass protest in BKK.

Some friends were a bit concerned I am going back during this period of time but I just have to assure them that it will be fine.  I'm a visitor and not a local.  Just don't joint any sides or say the wrong things and you shall be fine (I always believe in that logic)

So how will the day turn out for this protest?  Frankly, it really depends on who is the army listening too.  And for the time being, the current "elitist" gahment has an upper hand as they are able to mobilise the army.  This is true by looking at how the army response since the protest and coup in 2006. Army did nothing when yellow shirts are protesting and causing problem in 2006 pror to the coup

And in 2008 when the yellow shirts PAD were protesting against the newly elected gahment, the army did nothing at all to the 10,000 crowd that stormed the gahment house or airport. 

And again in 2009 when the red shirt protested and started to amass and violence broke up.  The army came in to bail Abhisit out. 

So just look what happen after the coup in 2006 and you can tell today will most probably be a failed attempt by the red shirt to overthrow the gahment.  The one who are holding the guns will always win the war.  ITs always the case in the entire human history.

I do hope nothing really bad will happen this few days but I doubt everything will end peacefully.  Something bad will surely happen to end this round of protest. 

Most of them I have spoke to and most thailand newspaper say its bad thing for the country but for a longer run, I say its good in a certain point of view.  Why do I say that? :)  Because it at least serves as a sternful reminder to the current gahnment that the rural ppl are still too socially divided with the elites in bkk and they want their say. 

The people from the northern, central and eastern regions are mostly poor rural folks which Thaksin took care of them when they were the most neglected.  Some may argue that they get paid if they come and attend the rallies.  Then a good question is why are they so easily "moved" to come and attend the rallies?  If their living standards and current situations are good.  They won't come and risk their lives for a few 1000Bahts...  And if they are greedy,  how come so many did turned up (latest news puts the figure above 80,000 before 14th March and its still increasing)

So how to solve all these problems?  Well I'm not a politician and not a Thai so I can't really say so.  I think one way is the gahment is to stop all these witch hunting on Thaksin.  Its just adding fuel to the fire and giving the exile a reason to throw his entire fortune to get himself out.  You have pushed that guy to a corner and since he can't move any more, he will be desperate to save himself.  Put yourself in his shoes.  If all your fortunes are going to be confiscated.  What will you do??