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I'm not sure where to put these...

You can click on the photo to see a bigger version of the collage. I tried taking some family photos recently while I was back in Thailand and all of them turned out to be horrbile.  Especially those with me in it. :P

I roped in our neighbour Ba Jam to help me took these and of course, I expected none of them to pass my standards as she was not looking into the viewfinder to check and confirm if everything is alright.  The 2 shots with my mum in it were taken with my MF using Kodak Ektar 100.  Colours are pretty good and I already set my camera on a tripod with a cable release for her to depress.  Not too bad but girl girl was blocked by my wife.

Since MF film are expensives and these are left overs..  I switched to digital and its then I realise I have not shave and look shabby like hell.  Went to shave and tried again.  No luck, this time the 2 kids are starting to loose their patience and fooling around.

So all the shots came out a bit dissapointing.  I guess I need to rope in one of my photog buddies to come with me to Thailand to shoot for me to get things right....

Its all peaceful here in the north.

I guess most of you have heard the latest clash in Bangkok.  I'm still in Thailand and won't be back till 22nd April.  Just want to assure my friends who reads my blog that all is peaceful up here in the North.  This protests in the capital is also a huge disturbance to my plans to get married in Thailand.  I need to certefied with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Singapore Embassy before I can get married at any local Amphue.  So I guess the "getting married" part will be furthur delayed till everything sorts out in the capital.

Apologies I can't write as often nowadays as 2 kids are eating away most of my time.  I can't even find enough spare time to go out and shoot!  I have already lost a hobby and the spare time left for me is down to blogging about stuff or shooting stuff (photography lah) :P

So of course I chose the latter.  Just spent some time shooting some 120 with my Hassy.  Yup.  My MF is in Thailand... :P.  But the weather is hazy so I doubt the results will be great.

Okie.. Boy crying and girl girl is jumping around.... gotta go ...