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Its all peaceful here in the north.

I guess most of you have heard the latest clash in Bangkok.  I'm still in Thailand and won't be back till 22nd April.  Just want to assure my friends who reads my blog that all is peaceful up here in the North.  This protests in the capital is also a huge disturbance to my plans to get married in Thailand.  I need to certefied with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Singapore Embassy before I can get married at any local Amphue.  So I guess the "getting married" part will be furthur delayed till everything sorts out in the capital.

Apologies I can't write as often nowadays as 2 kids are eating away most of my time.  I can't even find enough spare time to go out and shoot!  I have already lost a hobby and the spare time left for me is down to blogging about stuff or shooting stuff (photography lah) :P

So of course I chose the latter.  Just spent some time shooting some 120 with my Hassy.  Yup.  My MF is in Thailand... :P.  But the weather is hazy so I doubt the results will be great.

Okie.. Boy crying and girl girl is jumping around.... gotta go ...


anoymousrald said...

thanks god. seems that the riot in bangkok is worsening with the dead of so many people. hope that the anti-government sentiments will not spread to the north.

lim said...

isnt it now songkran ?

Cool said...

Well, read about your intended marriage procedure with the Singapore Embassy. What i did before is just to 'ROM' in Singapore (provided that your wifey has already gotten her Thai Int'l passport), book an ROM date, and then soleminise with an local Marriage Registrar agent (Singapore has lax its procedure for marrying before a witness) for about S$300 (this include a small lunch gathering in Inle Restaurant at Peninsula Shopping Centre Lower Ground Floor). There you will collect your Sg cert from Sg ROM in the presence of the Registrar agent and then proceed to a private gathering to get signed by the registrar agent. With that Marriage of Certificate handed over to you and your wife, bring it to proof at your amphur district office (they will ask you to certify that cert, just tell them its UN recognised and is in English, isn't Thailand a UN member?) They will kinda shut their mouth and proceed (I did that in Nakhon ratchasima District Office, with no undertable undertook). And viola, there you get your Thai cert...but be sure to book the ROM part in Singapore about 2-3 months prior to your 'sompah'...could give you the agent's contact if you are interested.
p.s. this not only save the traditional ROM queue but with that slightly more pricey charge, you get speed. Oh ya, Thai translator is provided too, Mr Adisak who works as an interpreter with the Singapore Police Force, and thats his side line.

Fatboi said...

Thanks for the all concerns and well wishes! We are fine here.
Colin. My wife has yet to get her passport as my son's is still stateless... due to the unrest in BKK :( ... still working on it.. And the passport could only be applied in Chiang Mai (nearest in the north) so we are planning to wait for my son's status to be completed before heading down.

Cool said...

I See, I have been following up your stories for the past years...through your preseverance (which i believe you have that virtue), you could get what you yearn for in no time...May Lord Buddha Bless you and your family always.

anoymous said...

well wrote colin.