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Boy boy giggling video

Posted this some time ago in Facebook but seems like tons of my friends missed it.  (My FB wall's privacy has been beefed up).  So here we go.. 

The young girl in the video is Pin Kam (neighbour's daughter).  And I sound wierd in that video... :P

Here goes the witchhunt

I only saw this today and just as I suspected from my previous post.  Like catching him and locking him up will really help the whole issue... *facepalm*

Not going to dwell too much into Thai politics since I really don't bother too much.   The cycle will just repeats itself until someone really did something different and start some changes... I was hopeful at first for Mr Abhisit but from this recent incident, I guess he is just another one of the usual fair I guess.


Getting Cheap food in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A friend recently complained to me that the food at the airport is bloody expensive.  Especially true in the transit lounge or at the waiting areas in between the depature and arrival hall.. (not too sure what they called it though).  If you have not checked in or you have plenty of time after checking in to your flight.  Then you may try this option.  I always do so as I fly budget and dinner is not served on the plane. :P

Since I am waiting for my flight,  I decided to compile this little FAQ (I have bloody 5 hours to wait).  First you need to get to the ground floor.  There are multiple ways to get there but this is by far the shortest path to the Magic Food Point.  No, The food is not MAGICally tasty and good. Its up to standard but defintely not the best in town.  Not sure why they called it that, maybe its because the price is "Magically" cheap compared to the 120baht Kway Teow in the depature hall restaurants. :P

Just go to arrival hall level and walk along the gates till you see gate 7 (beside the DTAC shop).  (See Pic.)  Take the escalator down  and viola, you get to the public buses area. And on your left is the entrance to Magic Food Point.  Price range from 30Baht to 60Baht.  Its like our Singapore's Food Court except you need to purchase coupons.  Normally I would change 100baht which is more than enough for food and drink.  They Hor Fun Here is pretty good.  So is the Pork Knuckle Rice (Teochew Style)  Noddle and Kway Tiao So so.  The fried chicken hidden at the corner is not too shabby too.  Don't worry if you can't speak thai.  All the food are labeled in numbers and have english translations, so just shout out in english the number you want and pay the person with the coupons you bought. 

Utencils stations are located along the center columns and you can dip them in the hot water to "sterilise" it.  (Like it will really help... :P) Do eat fast and don't hog the seats as the working Thai people are having their quick breaks there and they might give you a dirty look if you do so. (Speaking from my own personal experience :P)
And for your info.  Taking a cab at this level sometimes is cheaper then those above.  For those on free and easy trip, you can also walk out to get the airport express buses which will go to Sukumvit, MBK, Central World (or what;s left of it since it got burned down) and other various tourist hotspots (just check at the bus counter) Bloody cheap 150 baht one way if I remember correctly and its as fast as the taxis.  It also stops at some major hotels on the way and you can tell the driver where you want to drop off.

So if you get stuck at the airport while waiting, do try this little spot where you get to see the locals eat and chat.  Time to board my plane....... 

Getting Lazy...and a bit nonchalant on the events here in Thailand

I just realise this is only the 4th post I did in May and its not that I am very busy with stuffs and had no time to write.  I have tons of things I want to write but I have to admit I am getting a bit lazy just logging on :P.  Most probably is the weather here in Thailand.  It's bloody hot, peaking 40 degree celcius in the afternoon.  The air you breathe is warm... :P and I just kept drinking cold water to prevent myself from dehydration (kena once before and its no fun).  At least its dry and hot.  Not like the humid weather in Singapore so I still prefer the weather here in Thailand. 

I guess most of you have read about the events in Bangkok.  The violence, burning and fightings.  Seems like a mini war zone in the capital.  Over here in the north everything is peaceful (or on the face of it).  People here are tense and stressful from the events in Bangkok.  Curfews were strict and for the first time my stay here in Thailand,  the main street was totally empty on Friday night.  All shops were closed(including 7-11 stores) and even street food vendors closed early around 6pm.  Wife's friend who stays near the main road said it was scary as there were no cars except army and police vehicles patrolling the main road towards the Burma border. 

This is actually worst then the coup in 2006. (at least that time the shops were still open) So the protest has ended and the violence seems to have stopped.  But the rift is definitely still there and widened even furthur.  So most probably this latest conflict will cause the movement to go underground.  Those hardcore red fanatics might return to their North and Northeast stronghold and plot even more extreme violence against the gahment.  The current gahment have tons of repairs to do.... not just on the shopping complexes and damages to public properties but to the people too.  This is the time to come up with more policies and roadmaps to show that you care for the poor in the reds too.  Not some bloody witch hunting on who is to blame.  I also do sincerely hope that new elections will convey in Novemver, if not, these fanatics would have every reasons to convince more people to join them in their violent discourse.  Which in turns, does not bode well for the future generations of Thailand.

Still, I am not too worried about these events in Thailand.  Things normally will fix itself, just that it takes time (even generations) to do so.  And I sincerely think that all these political turbulences actually helps Thailand to be a greater country.  Such failures and problems at least unfolds in front of your eyes to make Thai people accept and aware that there is a huge social problem within the current political system which needs to be fixed.  Unlike SG where the normal working class are still fearful against our "elite" gahment.


Extreme Cuteness :D

This came from a roll of Medium Format Provia 100F I shot in April.  There are only 2 shots I took in Thailand in the roll and recently I completed the roll when I went to the Pinnacle Duxton.

One shot is a lanscape shot of a lake we went and the 2nd shot is this one below.

It was a very hazy day and we were at this little retreat.  I was scouting around for a scenic view but due to the hazy weather, I gave up in less then 5 mins.  I was going to keep my camera when I turned around and saw my mom carrying my boy with an umbrella, walking towards me.  Looking carefully, I then realise my boy is actually holding the umbrella with both his hands and happily smiling away.  Shielding him and his grandma gleefully.  I quickly asked my mum to stop where she is and took one shot.  The exposure was spot on and this shot is the favourite of the 12 I have took in this roll.

Need to bring my Hassy to Thailand more often....

More photos of the children

I forgot some of my friends who reads my blog but does not have a facebook account.  So they actually thought that I didn't take any or lazy to upload them.

Actually most of them are on facebook albums.  Picassa has a 1 Gig limit and so do my web hosting.  So the best place for me to upload them is on facebook which has unlimited diskspace (although the compression is a bit sucky)

Anyway, here are some public links of my family photos taken recently. 

Rest assure that you don't need a facebook account to view them.  Enjoy!

Family Shots in April

Instanx Photos taken between Jan and April 2010

Bed Fun in April (uploaded in Thailand)

Lomo LCA + Collections

And if you a facebook account.  Then just click here for a complete list :)


Girl girl and her hair.

Before I came back to Singapore.  I had a haircut and at the same time. We managed to convince girl girl to go have a haircut too.

At first she complains as she wants it to be long (wify also likes long hair) but its a chore to maintain.  And with Ah boy around, its difficult sometimes just to comb her hair or tie it.

So we cut it at shoulder length and she does not seems to like it.  Just 2 days ago, wife told me something hilarious (and a bit headache at the same time).  My girl managed to get hold of a sicssors and started to cut her own hair, pretending to be the barber. 

Luckliy wife managed to stop her in time before servere damage was done.  Anyway, she got another haircut this time and its short.  Wife loved the new hair cut as she says she looks bloody cute now.. hmm

Have not get a chance to see yet.  Will video conference tomorrow to get a peek....