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Extreme Cuteness :D

This came from a roll of Medium Format Provia 100F I shot in April.  There are only 2 shots I took in Thailand in the roll and recently I completed the roll when I went to the Pinnacle Duxton.

One shot is a lanscape shot of a lake we went and the 2nd shot is this one below.

It was a very hazy day and we were at this little retreat.  I was scouting around for a scenic view but due to the hazy weather, I gave up in less then 5 mins.  I was going to keep my camera when I turned around and saw my mom carrying my boy with an umbrella, walking towards me.  Looking carefully, I then realise my boy is actually holding the umbrella with both his hands and happily smiling away.  Shielding him and his grandma gleefully.  I quickly asked my mum to stop where she is and took one shot.  The exposure was spot on and this shot is the favourite of the 12 I have took in this roll.

Need to bring my Hassy to Thailand more often....

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