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Getting Cheap food in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A friend recently complained to me that the food at the airport is bloody expensive.  Especially true in the transit lounge or at the waiting areas in between the depature and arrival hall.. (not too sure what they called it though).  If you have not checked in or you have plenty of time after checking in to your flight.  Then you may try this option.  I always do so as I fly budget and dinner is not served on the plane. :P

Since I am waiting for my flight,  I decided to compile this little FAQ (I have bloody 5 hours to wait).  First you need to get to the ground floor.  There are multiple ways to get there but this is by far the shortest path to the Magic Food Point.  No, The food is not MAGICally tasty and good. Its up to standard but defintely not the best in town.  Not sure why they called it that, maybe its because the price is "Magically" cheap compared to the 120baht Kway Teow in the depature hall restaurants. :P

Just go to arrival hall level and walk along the gates till you see gate 7 (beside the DTAC shop).  (See Pic.)  Take the escalator down  and viola, you get to the public buses area. And on your left is the entrance to Magic Food Point.  Price range from 30Baht to 60Baht.  Its like our Singapore's Food Court except you need to purchase coupons.  Normally I would change 100baht which is more than enough for food and drink.  They Hor Fun Here is pretty good.  So is the Pork Knuckle Rice (Teochew Style)  Noddle and Kway Tiao So so.  The fried chicken hidden at the corner is not too shabby too.  Don't worry if you can't speak thai.  All the food are labeled in numbers and have english translations, so just shout out in english the number you want and pay the person with the coupons you bought. 

Utencils stations are located along the center columns and you can dip them in the hot water to "sterilise" it.  (Like it will really help... :P) Do eat fast and don't hog the seats as the working Thai people are having their quick breaks there and they might give you a dirty look if you do so. (Speaking from my own personal experience :P)
And for your info.  Taking a cab at this level sometimes is cheaper then those above.  For those on free and easy trip, you can also walk out to get the airport express buses which will go to Sukumvit, MBK, Central World (or what;s left of it since it got burned down) and other various tourist hotspots (just check at the bus counter) Bloody cheap 150 baht one way if I remember correctly and its as fast as the taxis.  It also stops at some major hotels on the way and you can tell the driver where you want to drop off.

So if you get stuck at the airport while waiting, do try this little spot where you get to see the locals eat and chat.  Time to board my plane....... 


Cool said...

I didn't know that, worst still till now ever since it opened (the airport)..thanks for the tip...i could save 500 to 700 bahts for a family of 3 now (feel like a carrot head now..D'OH!)

kk1258 said...

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duanlinlin said...

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