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Getting Lazy...and a bit nonchalant on the events here in Thailand

I just realise this is only the 4th post I did in May and its not that I am very busy with stuffs and had no time to write.  I have tons of things I want to write but I have to admit I am getting a bit lazy just logging on :P.  Most probably is the weather here in Thailand.  It's bloody hot, peaking 40 degree celcius in the afternoon.  The air you breathe is warm... :P and I just kept drinking cold water to prevent myself from dehydration (kena once before and its no fun).  At least its dry and hot.  Not like the humid weather in Singapore so I still prefer the weather here in Thailand. 

I guess most of you have read about the events in Bangkok.  The violence, burning and fightings.  Seems like a mini war zone in the capital.  Over here in the north everything is peaceful (or on the face of it).  People here are tense and stressful from the events in Bangkok.  Curfews were strict and for the first time my stay here in Thailand,  the main street was totally empty on Friday night.  All shops were closed(including 7-11 stores) and even street food vendors closed early around 6pm.  Wife's friend who stays near the main road said it was scary as there were no cars except army and police vehicles patrolling the main road towards the Burma border. 

This is actually worst then the coup in 2006. (at least that time the shops were still open) So the protest has ended and the violence seems to have stopped.  But the rift is definitely still there and widened even furthur.  So most probably this latest conflict will cause the movement to go underground.  Those hardcore red fanatics might return to their North and Northeast stronghold and plot even more extreme violence against the gahment.  The current gahment have tons of repairs to do.... not just on the shopping complexes and damages to public properties but to the people too.  This is the time to come up with more policies and roadmaps to show that you care for the poor in the reds too.  Not some bloody witch hunting on who is to blame.  I also do sincerely hope that new elections will convey in Novemver, if not, these fanatics would have every reasons to convince more people to join them in their violent discourse.  Which in turns, does not bode well for the future generations of Thailand.

Still, I am not too worried about these events in Thailand.  Things normally will fix itself, just that it takes time (even generations) to do so.  And I sincerely think that all these political turbulences actually helps Thailand to be a greater country.  Such failures and problems at least unfolds in front of your eyes to make Thai people accept and aware that there is a huge social problem within the current political system which needs to be fixed.  Unlike SG where the normal working class are still fearful against our "elite" gahment.


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Cool said...

Yes well said, the gahment should brace themselves up to do good to the soceity and stop the childish bickering on one another (hey this is my toy!!!)...As for the economy, I am not so worry, since history, no demonstration, regardless the size of it, could dampen the economy, in the bigger picture, the majority still wants to work and make money...the last week event was just an extra curriculum activity for the minority...