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Girl girl and her hair.

Before I came back to Singapore.  I had a haircut and at the same time. We managed to convince girl girl to go have a haircut too.

At first she complains as she wants it to be long (wify also likes long hair) but its a chore to maintain.  And with Ah boy around, its difficult sometimes just to comb her hair or tie it.

So we cut it at shoulder length and she does not seems to like it.  Just 2 days ago, wife told me something hilarious (and a bit headache at the same time).  My girl managed to get hold of a sicssors and started to cut her own hair, pretending to be the barber. 

Luckliy wife managed to stop her in time before servere damage was done.  Anyway, she got another haircut this time and its short.  Wife loved the new hair cut as she says she looks bloody cute now.. hmm

Have not get a chance to see yet.  Will video conference tomorrow to get a peek....

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