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Cheeky Boy and Sporty Gal

None other then my son.  He's 11 months now.  He can stand on his own (can't walk though) and can crawl super fast.  He also has 2 little teeth and knows how to defend himself from his sister by shoving her away whenever she comes for a hug that he does not want :P

He can makes sounds now... basically is dadadadadadada... which do sounds like Hit!hit!hit!(打打打) in Chinese.  And while chanting this slogan, he normally is really whacking on something.  The picture in this post shows my boy banging and whacking on my keyboard while we were doing a video conference.  He is blur because he is aggressively banging away.. :S

Boy is cheeky also. He likes to play sneak attacks (like me).  Wife says every morning he will be the first to wake up and crawl towards where Jie Jie sleeps and disturb her by burrowing his head into her or chewing on her fingers or digits... Once girl woke up he would quickly crawls away and hides in a corner and smile.  If Jie jie goes back to sleeps again, he would repeat until my girl wakes up and bear hugs him.. :D

Ah girl also getting more sporty.  She learnt how to cycle by herself and she is getting good at it.  She likes to run with the neighbouring kids and play chase.  Which I think its great.  SG kids don't do that anymore.. One thing I dislike is the way she likes to climbs the chairs and tables in the house.  Wife even told me she once caught her trying to climb over our house's fence... :S  She still adores her little brother but I think they will start to fight soon.  Most likely is the boy will bully her sister hehehehe.... 

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