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Don't you hate series 1 - Taking a public bus in Sillypore.

I once wrote a post on graciousness and recently I had this great idea of listing out the things I hate encountering in my everyday life of Sillypore..  Hate is quite a strong word,   I should use the word dislike but I find using the word hate has more oomph in it (apologies if my reasoning sounds silly but I am also part of this Sillypore anyways.. :P)

At first I wanted the list to appear in one post but I found out that its impossible to do that as the list keeps growing and growing... So I decided to break them down into categories but still, I need to further break them down to sub-categories... hahaha... seems like a lot of hate going on here :P

So without further delays.  Here is the first list of the series...

While taking a bus in Sillypore, I just hate :

1) Buses that are late, and I mean really late like around 20minutes which is all filled up to the brim and can only stop to let some people off. 

2) Buses that are driving so fast that they just ignore you or stops 20-50m away from the bus-stop. 

3) Buses who drives so slow that you prefer you should be in the driver seats.

4) People who always rush to the door (cutting queue) and then proceed to fumble for their bloody ez-link card while the rest are stuck. (what's rushing them anyway, can't they take out their card first if they want to board first) Vice versa, the same jokers who rushes to the exit before the bus stops and fumbles for their card when the door opens... 

5) Passengers who are listening to their bloody MP3 players (or phones) and blasting them at volume 10 with their headphones on.  (hope they go deaf soon)

6)Even worse, passengers who plays  mp3s on their bloody Handphones WITHOUT a bloody headphone.  (Yes, I might like Lady Gaga but that doesn't mean you have the rights to force me to hear it!)

7)Passengers who yaks loudly on the phone, like he/she is afraid that the rest of the passengers are not aware he/she has a problem with his girlfriend or boyfriend.  

8)Passengers who seems to get their foot stuck in the middle of the bus (epecially near the doorways) And normally these are teenagers who are not moving in.  They also seems to get stuck there for quite sometime until someone ask them to move it... 

9)Passengers who leave their bags on the seats next to them.  And chatting away on the phone, ignoring the crowded bus and whole world staring on them.

10)Passengers who seats on the aisle seats and giving you a look when you ask to go into their precious empty window seat.  (I once sacartiscally asked a lady if she has an invisble friend sitting next to her when she gave this disdain look to an old uncle who wants to sit) 

11)Passengers who immediately fell asleep when an old person or pregant lady or small childen board the bus.

12)Passengers (espcially kids) who thinks that the bus belongs to their parents, giving them the rights to shout and stomp around on the buses (especially on the upper decks of double deck buses)

13)Passengers who are so tired (and I'm not sure why they are so tired) that they start to nod their heads in their seat and lean against your body.  (But I do love it when they whacked their head on the front seat handles or on the window :D)

14)Male passengers who open their legs wide and shove their knees into the person seating beside them or blocking the aisle. Not sure why leh.. Maybe they got big balls or pricks that they need to show it off by opening their legs so wide. And funny thing is that they normally are not that tall or legs that long..

15)Bus "Captains" that are rude and drives like a lunatic.

16)Bus "Captains" that applies the brake like working out in the gym.  Causing ppl to fly off.

17)Bus "Captains" who drives with a lazy foot... letting go of the accelerator arubtly, causing a jerking motion, making you sick.

18)Buses that are actually suanas when you step into it and you are still force to pay the Air-con price of the ride while suffocating in it.  

19)Buses that are so bloody cold in rainy weathers that you think you are in the wrong country.

20)Passengers who sneaks food into the bus and dine them like they are in a restaurant.

21)Buses that smells like a Smoking Room or Area when it arrives on the bus-bay in the interchange (seems like No Smoking only applies when it is moving,  drivers like to smoke on their buses when it stops)

22)Buses that took ages to come and it comes in multiples of 2 or 3s in a row and they are all empty....

23)Buses that are packed like sardines and yet the bus driver is still insisting the passengers to move in some more to let more to board.

24)Buses that have advertisments all over their windows that you can't figure out where the hell you are now.

25)Raining in the bus (I'm serious about this!)

26)Raining and flooding in the bus cum Suana in the bus. 

There are more but I think these are the ones I really dislike.  Add on if you wish :P


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HH Lee said...

Here are my add ons!!

1.Bloody idiots who love to stick their kneels up against back of the seats in front.
2.People who cut their fingernail of toenails on buses.
3.Kids who screams and jump on the seats.
4.Teenagers who screams and jump on the seats.
5.Teenage couples who share a single seat. (How? I leave it to your imagination)
6.As for you point 14, I guess sometime its not really their fault. I came across buses where it is only about 15cm from the edge of the seat to the next seat in front. (No joke) How to expect a person to seat comfortably? Guess it’s the bloody bus company who just want to pack in as many seats as possible. Worst still if you get a seat which seat back lean 15-degree front.
7.People who bought super big item but still want to take bus home. Same for luggage. I once see a couple plus maid with about 4 luggage between time took a bus home during peak hour!
8.People who eat their lunch on board.
9.Passengers who rush up the bus but suddenly became stupid and walk super slow down the aisle as they cannot decide where the seat. (Mind you the bloody bus IS EMPTY)