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Don't you hate series 2 - Taking the (M)ass (R)apid (T)ransit

The 2nd list of the series.  Actually a lot of them is some what similar to the list in the Taking a Bus.  So if its not here, please refer to that post. :P

Here we go:

While taking a train (MRT) in Sillypore, I hate

1) Stupid annoucements that kept repeating itselves every 2 minutes. (can't they make it every 15mins?)
2) 6mins of waiting time for peak periods (I'm serious, kena a few times liao)
3) People who does not stick to the left hand or one side of the escalator to let others pass.
4) People who stands in front of the door before the trains come, blocking those who came out.
5) Crowded trains.
6) People who steps into the train and then stop moving, blocking the door and expecting people to move around him/her. (Especially the teenagers who does this)
7) People yaking on the phone loudly.
8) People playing their mp4 or PSP or Nintendo DX loudly with or without a headphone.
9) Parents that allows their kids to use the handrails as monkey bars or conducting an obstacle course in the train by running around,  jumping up and down on the seats and everywhere.
10) People who lean their whole body on those vertical hand rails during peak period. 
11) People who sits in between seats (taking 2 seats) I really no idea why they do this, they like something sticking in their butt crack or ass hole I guess?  I tried it once (just to understand why they enjoy doing this) and its so uncomfortable...
12) Guys who open their legs WIDE open while seating (yes I know you have big balls but you don't need to flaunt them.)
13) People who seats at the staircases around the exits. 
14) Stupid Credit card salesman/woman asking if you are interested in signing up their platinum card (if I can apply I won't be taking the bloody train la)
15) Phamplet Ladies/Guys at the entrance to the MRT (especially cityhall)
16) People with no sense of directions that comes out of the exit/entrance of the station and stops right in front of the escalator to check or talk to their companions while expecting the rest of the people to go around them... (Can't they move to one side to discuss????)
17) People who rushes to exit the train when the alarm starts beeping...(especially to those who don't even say "excuse me" and bumps into you.
18) Gantries that takes a long time to response your card (need fine tuning or maintenance)
19) Confusing signages that leads you to nowhere or get you dis-orientated.  (Especially the Dolbhy Gaut station)

And Finally...

20) Someone committing suicide by jumping off the track (No this is not a joke but a serious one). 
I thought they started to put up barricades on certain stations but what about the rest??? I think they really need to do something about this asap.

Add on if you like


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