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That is one big box of LEGO...

I buy toys for my kids (naturally) and I am a bit selective on the toys I buy.  I refrain myself from getting toys like action figures, barbie dolls and those that I think are just marketing hype.  I prefer toys that stimulate the senses and makes you think and build with it.  In short, toys that boosts creativity and your imaginations.

LEGO is one of the toys then I spend most whenever I get back to Thailand.  That's because they don't have it in Maesai, the nearest shop selling them was in Chiang mai and they are not cheap.  I bought Girl girl's LEGO Duplo (those bigger tiles) at her 2 year old birthday and she loves it.  So when I saw an ad on the newspaper on the Robinson sale.  I plan to get it.  I told my sister and mom about it and they think its a great idea.

I was on shift so I did not had the time to drop by Centrepoint to take a look.  So I got a surprise when I saw an SMS from my sis that she bought the toy as she and mum were at Orchard to do some shopping.

I got home and got a shock.  Haha.  Because its a HUGE set.  SUPER 4 in 1 pack containing over 250 pieces (I think its more that that).  Its a Zoo kit pack with animals, cute accessories and bricks for building the Diorama.  I opened it to inspect the pieces and they were gorgeous.  But the box seems to be to big for me to carry on board.  Most probably need to remove that box.

Girl girl (and boy boy)already has a few set.  One of them is a farm and another a house set which has cute kitchen sink and bathtub :P.  So I guess she will go crazy with this new set.  Need to tell her to share with her little brother though :)

Mum is not allowing me to take the set back to Thailand yet as she plans to be a surprise for the kids when they come to Singapore.  We are planning to have them come over in October when Girl girl has her term break (about a month).  Ah Boy's status has been settled and he is no longer stateless, so we can go to Bangkok this coming July to settle passport and marriage certificate.  Here's one more photo of me with the LEGO set... kekeke  

For those interested in the set.  Its still on sale at Robinson. $189. inclusive of GST and according to my sis, its snapping up by lots of shoppers so better HURRY up for the great SG sale.. BUY BUY BUY!!! :P

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Kelvin Lim said...

Wow bro! super cool set of lego!
SG's lego pricing cheaper den thailand?