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It's getting interesting...

For more then 2 weeks I have not wrote anything as I was away again in Thailand.  This time my mum tagged along and we had tons of things to do.  First off is to go to Bangkok to settle our marriage certificate and passports for my wife and kids.

I already hit a wall at Bangkok at the Singapore embassy on day 1 (we were there for 5 days and 4 nights.)  I did not have the necessary documents as requested by the embassy so I need to re-arrange another day to do it.  It seems that those written in the thaivisa forum does not apply to a Singaporean marrying a Thai citizen :P  I need to provide I have no police or criminal offense and I need to submit a query to MOM to show my wife is not currently working in Singapore.  I also need  a letter from my current employee (letter of appointment) to show I am still working in SG... duh.... bloody hell, how come Singaporeans so difficult to get married in Thailand one leh???

Passport for wife and the kids were easier.  Very straightforward and it will be posted to my wife in 8 working days time. 

This month is interesting also as my Team Lead in my job has left.  Quite suddeb actually and he only broke the news 2 weeks prior to his departure (although I did learnt from another teammate he is leaving)  So when I'm back at work tomorrow.  He won't be around anymore.  Although I don't agree to some of his certain work entihcs and practices, I will still give my best wishes to him in his new job :)

I too have certain plans in my mind and its regarding my own future career.  I have this vision and am currently drafting a plan to make it come true.  It will take months or even years but at least I know what I want.  So stay tuned for nore as mentioned in the title... ITS GETTING INTERESTING>>


Albert Khan and his Autochromes

Colour photography was actually already in used in the early 1900s.  (1907 is the brith year of autochromes if you wish to know).

I actually watched an episode of The Wonderful World of Albert Khan (6 part series) on the BBC Knowledge channel 2 months ago and I was hooked by the colourful photos (or glass plates if you want to nitpick) shown on the TV.  Naturally, I went to research more on this interesting techniques and found out its actually quite similar to the bayer layer technology we are using currently now in our latest digital sensor!

So I went to amazon and got a copy of the book to learn more about the photos Albert's photographers had took and it was facinating!  Its very surreal to see the beginning of last century in a colourful way.  As I was much more used to the black and white conventional pictorial of that era. 

Another book I bought at the same time is A Century of Colour Photography.  Which shows how colour photography was developed and changed.  Another good read for those who are interested in photography.

Just what I needed!  Books that contains 2 of my favourite subjects!  History and Photography! :D

A short trip to KL Malaysia

I am getting a bit bored with the usual routine of my shift work and I really needed a good break.  Opportunity came twice actually.  Once is a gathering with my old Lion Dance buddies but that was just one night and I ended leaving the party early as I need to work the next day :P

According to my calendar, I have 3 off days from July 1st till 3rd.  3 days in Singapore, doing nothing is a bit unbearable.  And I have no idea where to shoot.. Singapore is really small .

Luckily one of my colleague is going back to his hometown in Kuala Lumpur (KL). So another colleague and I, tagged along for a short trip in KL.  Lots of foods and photography is just what I need from the mundane routines.

So we were off on 1st July in the morning.  I travelled light this time around.  A total of 2 bodies and 3 lenses.  One digital A900 and a film body Dynax7.  The lenses I chose for this trip was my Minolta 16mm fisheye and 35mm f/2.  The last lens I took was the lensbaby composer.  I recently saw the result of the aperture competition and the slot aperture intrigues me to cut my last blank aperture disc as a slot.  Pretty good results.

I love history and I adore old buildings.  We visited the Pudu prison which is in the process of being tored down for "progress".  I find it a bit sad though that we always have to destroy part of our history due to the need of progress... Yes, we need the land but can't they find a way to salvage one of the buildings in the prison complex to serve as a future reference?  I guess we just like to forget the old and welcome the new.  This is always true in South East Asia.  Thailand and Singapore has it own share of tearing down old buildings or retrofitting/refurnishing "heritage" sites into a modern building.. Why can't they just leave it as gritty old buildings? 

Besides the Pudu prison, we took a long walk along the prison wall and around the pudu market area.  Taking everything in.  Its always fun to walk in an unfamiliar environment.  The next day we went to the Batu Caves (never been there before) and its another intereseting venue to shoot.  I will visit there again if there is an opportunity, this time with my MF gear :P

KL has changed a lot too.  I used to go down to KL for buisness trip in my old job under bizwebs.  Almost at least 4 or 5 times a month.  The last trip I went was in 2006 if I remember correctly and I nearly can't recognise some of the places.  The bus-station (Pudu Raya) is now under renovations and we have to take the buses at Bejaya Times square.  Prices has also increased.. hahaha.. but still much cheaper to what we have here.

Anyway, the rest of the photos of the trip are posted on my facebook.  Do take a look if you are interested.  I am still in the process of sorting out my digital shots.. So you might want to check later to see more updates..