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Albert Khan and his Autochromes

Colour photography was actually already in used in the early 1900s.  (1907 is the brith year of autochromes if you wish to know).

I actually watched an episode of The Wonderful World of Albert Khan (6 part series) on the BBC Knowledge channel 2 months ago and I was hooked by the colourful photos (or glass plates if you want to nitpick) shown on the TV.  Naturally, I went to research more on this interesting techniques and found out its actually quite similar to the bayer layer technology we are using currently now in our latest digital sensor!

So I went to amazon and got a copy of the book to learn more about the photos Albert's photographers had took and it was facinating!  Its very surreal to see the beginning of last century in a colourful way.  As I was much more used to the black and white conventional pictorial of that era. 

Another book I bought at the same time is A Century of Colour Photography.  Which shows how colour photography was developed and changed.  Another good read for those who are interested in photography.

Just what I needed!  Books that contains 2 of my favourite subjects!  History and Photography! :D

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