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It's getting interesting...

For more then 2 weeks I have not wrote anything as I was away again in Thailand.  This time my mum tagged along and we had tons of things to do.  First off is to go to Bangkok to settle our marriage certificate and passports for my wife and kids.

I already hit a wall at Bangkok at the Singapore embassy on day 1 (we were there for 5 days and 4 nights.)  I did not have the necessary documents as requested by the embassy so I need to re-arrange another day to do it.  It seems that those written in the thaivisa forum does not apply to a Singaporean marrying a Thai citizen :P  I need to provide I have no police or criminal offense and I need to submit a query to MOM to show my wife is not currently working in Singapore.  I also need  a letter from my current employee (letter of appointment) to show I am still working in SG... duh.... bloody hell, how come Singaporeans so difficult to get married in Thailand one leh???

Passport for wife and the kids were easier.  Very straightforward and it will be posted to my wife in 8 working days time. 

This month is interesting also as my Team Lead in my job has left.  Quite suddeb actually and he only broke the news 2 weeks prior to his departure (although I did learnt from another teammate he is leaving)  So when I'm back at work tomorrow.  He won't be around anymore.  Although I don't agree to some of his certain work entihcs and practices, I will still give my best wishes to him in his new job :)

I too have certain plans in my mind and its regarding my own future career.  I have this vision and am currently drafting a plan to make it come true.  It will take months or even years but at least I know what I want.  So stay tuned for nore as mentioned in the title... ITS GETTING INTERESTING>>


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