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Getting Married in Thailand - Documents Required

Just a brief record and guide for those who wants to get married with a Thai partner in Thailand.  You need a few documents before you can do it.

1) A copy of your passport and photos (passport size). and spouse to be.

2) A search result hard copy letter applied at the Registry of Marriage to prove you are Single (or divorced)  Cost is bloody $35 for this letter.

3) A letter from work pass division of MOM of your spouse to prove she is not working currently in SG.  Need to have a copy of his/her passport and passport photo.  Apply at the MOM workpass division office.

4) A Certificate of No Criminal Convention (CNCC) applied through Sngapore Police at Cantonment Complex.  Download the form here.  Bloody $45 dollars for this certificate.  (This one better as at least they give a certificate, unlike the stupid letter from ROM)  You may need to draft a letter yourslef if you did not go to the Sinapore Embassy in Bangkok to get a letter of instruction.  Just write that you need a CNCC for marriage purpose in Thailand will be fine.  A copy of photo id or passport of your spouse to be is also required.  And remember to bring your passport (not IC) if you are applying in person.

5) A letter from your current employee, stating your current job and salary.  (A copy of your letter of appointment or contract will do also). 

6)And finally,  a completed Affidavit form (accquired when you go to Singapore emabassy in Thailand) with 2 referees details.

And thats it for first part of the process..... TBC.




anoymousg said...

Amazinglt so much procedures and that is only the first part, i guess our government do not want our ns men to marry out.
Just reading the procedures make me feel like giving up on the marriage. I guess it is so typical of our first class government
to go into so details any procedures.

Fatboi said...

To anoymousg:
Actually these documents are the requirements of the Thai government, not Singapore. If you are to ROM in Singapore, you just need to book a date with ROM and ask your spouse to provide a certificate or prove that she is single or divorcee or widowed before applying for a date.
So its actually easier to get married to a foreigner in Singapore then in Thailand :)