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HK Trip - Lost

I'm not sure what to write for this post.. thus the title LOST..  Its been 6 years since my last trip to HK.  That last trip I went alone and climbed a mountain (about 3/4 way) and it was a blast.

I planned to scale the mountain again for this trip as I found some peace and made one of my major decisions in my life on that little hill...  So actually when a friend of mine decided to go for a short trip to HK (I think I proposed it at first).  Its immediately in one of the "to do" list in my head.

It went quite well until halfway when it started to rain and we got stuck halfway.  I actually wanted to continue but I gave up as I thought its a bit selfish of me to continue this personal journey of mine (I know my friend will definitely follow me as its a bit dangerous).  

I did not get what I really wanted on that trip and its a bit sad actually.  Although my friend did consoled me and say we could try again next time when I get fitter and more prepared.  It is a sound advice but truthfully, I did not want to go back up again.  Maybe I will scale another mountain or hill but I decided to give up this one for good.  Don't bother to ask me why as its a personal thing and I do not wish to share it! :P

So the rest of the trip I dedicated most of my time trying my best to show a side of HK to my friend who has never been there... I think he did enjoyed his trip (I hope :P) except for the mountain part I guess hehehe

I have posted some photos on my facebook... Do feel free to browse them :)

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