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My new birthday toy - Spinner 360

I have been waiting for Lomography Society to come up with something(toy cam) exciting to play with and recently they release the Spinner 360.  You can check out the camera here for the details but I just want to write a short review about it.

One word - FUN! It's really fun to shoot with it but I think you need to buy a lot of film for this as each roll shoots only up to 8 images... I already burnt 2 rolls on my first encounter with it.

The camera seems to be quite well built.  The hood is actually metal!! Think it serves as a counter weight for the spin as if I removed it, the camera will not spin as fast.  Operation is easy and the results were quite stunning. (More photos in the photo gallery)

Pictures were actually quite sharp, the lens is multicoated too.  The only complaint is that there is no locking button to stop the camera from adcidentally advancing.  I could remove the rubber band but its a bit of a hassle.. which cost me some wasted space on the film.

I also bought the digitaliza bundle with the camera to help me scan these panaromic shots.  Thanks to Ndroo of to confirm the thickness.  It actually works on my old Microtek i900 :P. 

Think I will sping more in the coming months....

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HH said...

Wah look fun leh!
So if you blow up the short and tie in end to end and put it over your head, you can replicate the "I was there" effect. haha