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This is our future generation....

Its been some time I wrote about social issues in Singapore.

I actually wrote this a few days ago when I saw an article in our ST.  1,500 coke geysers

But I did not have the time to refine it until another article came in and attracted my attention which has the same issue I wish to point out.  YOG caterer acts on food  I  just want to point out to a particular paragraph in this article.

Full-time national serviceman Leslie Wong, 20, who was stationed at the Marina Bay floating platform, said the 15 or so meals he has been given so far were similar to the one that has been criticised.
He said: 'One of the meals was a dry, tasteless piece of chicken with a few slices of carrot and some soggy rice. I ended up throwing most of it away.'
He said that while he had no complaints about the portions, most of his friends on duty at the same venue chose to buy their own food instead of eating the packed meals.

I think by this time you should understand what I am pointing out.  Yes, our future generation does not care a bit about wasting food.  Its scares me because they do not understand the effort and labour to produce each grain of rice. 

I've been to Thailand and Burma and I have seen how the people work in the fields.  I have seen homeless child hunger for food and even water in Thachilek and Maesai and I just find it so revolting that Singaporeans here, wastes food for no reasons other then being greedy and selfish.

That 1500 bottle of coke can be donated for a better cause.  The experiment is already well-known, why is there a need to re-enact such an experiment in such a grand scale?  Just to beat the world record while another part of the world is starving?

The young man in NS, who is supposed to protect our motherland complains about the food he was provided (yes its bad for SFI to do that) but just threw it away recklessly.  Its just soggy rice!  Its not rotten or contaminated.  Its just plain food to keep you FULL and from hunger!  I remember the MRE (meals ready to eat) packets in army days and the rice was like cake and I just ate it even if it taste like shit.  If not, I just don't take it.  Thats the problem with Singaporean, We take and grab things that are free without thinking we ever need them .. The kiasu syndrome.

It so wrong to do such things.  So much injustice is done to those farmers who grew each grain of rice. 

Trust me, what goes around will come around.  We import our food and we don't grow them.  When world food shortages comes (and its already starting).  WE will be the first one to feel the impact.  And THEN you will STARVE.  And THEN you will feel what is it like to be hungry.

Here's a stark reminder to those who waste food and one of my favourite journalistic photograph.  A picture of a starving child in South Africa in Sudan by Kevin Carter.


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HH said...

Yeah I actually almost wrote something on the bloody 1500 coke plus mentos wasted. All these food wasted just to break into some silly record book.
As for the NS man. Wah lan er.. I have seen worst.
Don't ever depend on our NS to proctect our country. They will run at the first sign of trouble.
As for the Army story : I was on a double deck bus to work one day and the aircon was really cold. Think its about 10 C but I still manage to endure it abit. Then a few stop later a SAF Commado LTA (Ya ya with his red beret) came to the upper deck. Immediately he realised its cold and he ran down. WTF! There's your commando for you.