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Going Home... Soon...

I think most of my inner click of friends and colleagues already knew that I have tendered my resignation.  My last date at work in Singapore should be in Oct (if my boss can hire a new guy/lady as soon as possible).

So my next plan is of course, go back home sweet home to Thailand and be with my wife and kids there.

There are actually a lot of things that need to be settled first.  Examples are our marriage certificate so I can get and 'O' Visa and etc.  So I need time to travel up and down the country a lot of times. 

My initial plan is actually to continue to work while handling all these bureaucacy at the same time.  But my working nature is shift based and I need to accomadate a lot of dates that I may need to fly back.  Which means in the end.  I get stressed at both work and handling my personal matters.  Which I think will get a lot of screw ups (in Thailand of course).

And I miss my kids and wife a lot.  So I decided to leave sooner and get my own personal things done first.  This way, I will be more focus on the things I plan to do.

Wife that day informed me Boy boy can walk on himself!  And like his sister.  He walks up and down, here and there and everywhere with his new found skills.  :)  hehe..  And the best is his sister actually holds his little hands and guide him along.  When I heard this, I was overjoyed and yet regrets followed later when I hung up the phone.  I had missed my daughter's first steps and I did it again with my son.  I hope this will be the last time I miss any important events in my children's life. 

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