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My girl got Silver!!

Routine called my wife this morning and she gave me the good news.  Last Saturday, my girl was selected by her school to take part in an interschool competition in Chiang Rai.  Its a friendly inter-school match and my girl and another girl was picked from her class to represent the kindergarden category :P

So Xinhui was competing in the "Writing the alphabet" section.  The other girl is colouring contest... Girl girl was picked because she has the best hand writing in school and she already memorised the whole Thai alphabet already :)

No one took the gold award but only 2 out of the competitor took the silver.  Xin hui has the best handwriting but she got one of the alphabets wrong (thing she is nervous as she kept looking at my wife.. :) hehe.  Anyway, I am so happy and proud of her. 

Jing Yong (my boy) is also not loosing out in acheivements.  He now can walk and walk he does.  Everyday and everytime until my wife complained to me liao.. hahaha And he runs too.. Scampering here and there.. touching here and there and exploring the surroundings.  Exactly like his elder sister when she starts to walk.  Luckily he is not as fearless as his sister.  Xinhui is a bit more challenging as she tends to do "eXtreme" stunts... He's a bit slower in speech also (Xin Hui was fast and could memorise words easily) .  Its common with boys but he remembers important words :)  like mama and papa... and he calls his sister "Jeh" a bit like Jie in Chinese but off key...

So a week more I will be going back for a short visit again.  Can't wait to see them as my house's router (in Thailand) was down for the last 2 weeks.. #$!#!@#! stupid linksys modem/router... need to get a new one.


HH said...

Congrats! Daddy must remember to bring a prize back.

lionheart said...

The first time I read this blog again in 1.5 years. Stumbled upon this blog last yr just as I was heading to northern Thailand. While I was eating breakfast at a roadside stall in Mae Sai, the owner told me that her son-in-law is a Singaporean. Hmm, could that be you? It would have been interesting to meet a Singaporean in a busy border town.