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Burn more money again!!!

If you are not sure about my new found hobby ever I came to Maesai... here's some recap

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Hahaha.. Every year around this period sure "burn" money again on fireworks..  This year got some more new versions of crackers and toys for me to play.

The black box shiok.. Its actually those rocket fireworks but 25 shots in a box!! Really like missiles shooting out from a container.  The red UFO next to it is an upgraded Spinner which emits cracking sounds and spud more sparks then the usual one.  The bottle like (blue top) is actually illegally sold to me by the vendor.... BLOODY LOUD bang.. I think it has way too many firepower in it.. REALLY REALLY loud.. hehe

The one behind it are cold sparklers in tube forms.. nothing much but its much safer.  And finally the last one is another crackling bomb which emits different colours of sparks.  Nice name given to it too.. 金玉滿堂.  Which means rich and pospoerous for all..

100baht for this lot... hehe which is about SGD$4.50.  Nice cheap fun... Early Loy Krathong fun and its getting cold in the morning!!! WHoo hoo!!!

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