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More Waiting Games.

Its always like this... whenever I want to do something in Thailand..  I kena the worst situations.  Just on Monday, my wife and I went down to the local Amphur Maesai to register our marriage.  Everything was done except a signature from the Nai Amphure (Head and Judge of the local district).  He was busy with some other issues and this is actually gahment related...

What happened there were some gahment movements of the officials in the North.. Where a lot of high ranking officers at the district office was asked to move away from their current post and be transferred to Bangkok.  Naturally these officials are more "red" then yellow so they are not bulking and did not leave on the intended date.  So the central gahment actually stopped their payment of the entire salary of the local district office.  This is so in Mae Fa Luang as my wife and I made some friends with some of the employees there when we were up there contantly. 

So the distict officers are contantly not in their office and the situation is getting a bit out of hand (from what we had heard is that a lot of these officers are refusing to bulk at all and are currently entering a negotiations with people from the central gahment)

Thus, a 1 to 2 day thingie was dragged till today and the Nai Amphue is still not back in office.  The Pa Lat informed us that he should be back next week on Tues... And I'm flying off on Wed!!  Stressed up now...

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