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Nex-3 - A month later.

I wrote an initial review about this camera here.  And after a month of intensive usage in Thailand.  I have more thoughts on this little camera.

My Dog Cindy

Truthfully, its an impulsive purchase out of curiousity and fun.  As I was really interested in dabbling in video and the sensor size (1.5 crop of 35mm) is a big plus point for me to get it.  And the ability to mount serveral old lenses makes me jump straight into it.  A month later using this camera, I find it to be very capable and good but there are still some essentials things that are missing which makes this camera not really good enough for my needs.  I think I should have waited a bit longer for the next generation of Nex.

Ah Boy Having Lunch

Firstly, no view finder.  I am just so used to using a camera with a Viewfinder.  Even its a little optical window it will be great asset for me.  I think I'm just too used to peering into a small window while taking pictures :P  The Nex does have a 16mm optical viewfinder accessories but it kinds of look wierd when attached on top of it.  Moreover, once you attached it, you loose the flash!

Panoramic Mode! Sea of Green.

Secondly is the flash.  Its just too puny and how I wish they use the Standard ISO hotshoe or even the Minolta hotshoe would be great.  If not, a PC sync port will be great.   They just have to come up with a proprietary connector which kinds of spoils the fun by not allowing other 3rd party flash accesories to be used on it. Dear SONY, you allow other lenses to be mounted on the cam, why not the accessories too??

Thirdly is some interface issues I encountered.  (which is solved recently with the new firmware) I have updated it but during the month long period of shooting with the old interface is really a bugger sometimes.  I have not tested the new interface extensively, so hopefully its better now.

Colour gel fun..Girl and her friends posing.

Fourth, I find it a bit too small :P  (small oso complain. hehe) This is just personal but I find the ideal small compact size camera is my Bessa R3M.  Its just the right size in my hands and its not too big in my hand.  How I wish Cosina would build an affordable Digital RF (Epson RD-1 is a joke)

And lastly, its APS-C sensor leaves me a bit wanting.  Why why why not 35mm FF :P  ahaha.  Going back to APS-C is a pain in the ass for me.  I'm so used to the working distance of 35mm that I often missed shots on this little camera due to forgetting its cropped.  I need to reprogram myself that 35mm on this camerea is no longer 35mm but 52mm..

So I was thinking should I keep the camera or sell it?? Its a hard decision but I decided to keep it for the time being.. Although it won't be a camera I would use often.  I would used it to test my M lenses in digital and maybe occasional video shoot of my kids with the kit lens.  But I seriously think I would not bring it with me for overseas expeditions or serious photography... That would leave it to my Bessa and upcoming Hexar RF :P  If its digital, most probably my trusty A900 (without the grip) with my 35/2 or 24-70 Zeiss. 

You can view more photos taken by this camera here.  Most of them are straight out of cam jpegs with some slightly enhanced in Lightroom.  Wonderful colours and the kit lens is surprisingly good :)


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