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Things half-done again...

I am flying back to Singapore today and will start my shift work on Firday.  The kids and my wife left early this morning to Keng Tung to my mother-in-law place to have a short break and annual ancestral worship.  Our Meh Ban (house keeper) tagged along too to help out.  So now I'm alone in my house in Thailand.. A bit too quiet for my liking.. hehe

Sad to say but we could not complete the Marriage Certificate ontime.  The Nai Amphue is still in overseas and although the Pa Lat kindly wrote a note for us yesterday to go Chiang Rai to register.  I declined as its a 2 hours drive back and forth.. A bit too rushed and since the children and wife is going off today.  I decided to postphone it till my next trip.  The Pa Lat was a kind gentleman and he apologised to me for the screws up even though I know its not his fault at all.  Hard to come by a good government official here in Thailand but there are a lot of good and helpful people in such smaller district in Thailand (not BKK of course)

Anyway, suppose to announce I'm married today on this blog but I guess its postphoned till Dec when I'm back again.  Now, just relax and maybe take a nap before I go off around 2pm to catch my flight back to BKK. 

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