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In the Western part of Singapore - Chinese and Japanese Garden

I have very fond memories of these 2 gardens as I still remember my parents brought me to visit these two gardens when I was just a little boy.  The main Pagoda, the lake and the old classic Chinese stone bridge is something refreshing from the boring conrete jungle of Singapore's landscape.

My last post was about Joo Koon station and on my way back.  I just dropped off at the Chinese Garden station to visit this garden again in broad daylight.

The last 2 times I came was actually at night during the mid-autumn festivals.  The park always organises some lantern festival during the mid-autumn festivals and really can't recall why I went to these events..

Anyway, its much more of a blast to visit the parks during daytime.  The main pagoda is finally opened to visitors (8am-7pm) so I get to climbed the pagaoda again!  

View from the top is a bit dissapointing actually as most of the landscapes you see on the top are just more and more and more HDB flats... I remember it used to be a jungle out there when I was just a boy.  I did took some slides this time but as I have not finished the roll.  Can't post them here until the roll's finished :P

However, I took a lot of shots using my NEX and 25mm CCTV lens combo.. I am getting to like this lens a lot.  Its lighter and more compact then the kit lens. But it just produce very interesting and unqiue photos.  And its still quite sharp at the center too :).  The only major complain is the severe CA and I found the best workaround is to convert those affected by the strong CA by converting them to black and white.  So its actually not as distracting as it used to be.

You can view the rest of the photos in my facebook album :)

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Joel Lam (SLCC) said...

Bro, Nice the spiral staircase!! Is this inside the Pagoda? Is the Vignetting due to the lens being smaller or did you add it in during PP? Am thinking maybe I can try this for my B&W portraits :)