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In the Western part of Singapore - Last MRT station Joo Koon

Last Friday was my day off from work and being bored of shooting Singapore's cityscape.  I tried a different approach in documenting Singapore.  If you have been following my blog or facebook activities lately, you will understand that I will be leaving Singapore for long periods of time again.  Yes, I will be back in the Land of Smile mostly in the coming months and I wish to record something down for myself this time.  To see how much Singapore will change once I'm back here again.

While I was away, the west side of Singapore was constructing 2 more train stations.  Pioneer and Joo Koon.  I believed I was in Thailand when they officially opened it and I was surprised by the new name of the train station Joo Koon replacing the old Boon Lay station.  Joo Koon.... What a funny name... (That was my first impression when I saw and heard it)

Now I know why its called Joo Koon... Its above Joon Koon CircleBoon Lay was an area I was quite familiar with during my National Service in 1998.  I was with the 30th Singapore Combat Engineer and later HQ SCE at SOCE (School of Combat Engineer).  Both of the camps are in Jurong Camp 3.  Basically I spent about 1 and a half year of my life there before I got myself disrupted for my studies.  Its actually quite hectic in the morning during week days as a lot of factory workers would be taking the train to Boon Lay and transfer a bus at the bus-station to work.  Moreover, another University (used to tbe called NTU) is there so you get to see a lot of students too.  Its also filled with army camps so thousands of people like me serving NS are around that area too.  So although its a small station but its always crowded.  

I took a train all the way from Cityhall to Joo Koon.  Passing Pioneer station and actually saw the entrance of my old camp (30 SCE) along the way.  Not very fond memories of those days :P.  

Railway tracks....I was actually expecting myself to be in Tuas when I reached Joo Koon but it seems that is not the case. It is still about half an hour ride from here to Tuas checkpoint. (I checked the bus services and its still quite a long way).  I'm surprised to find it actually quite a near walking distance to SAFTI MI.  So Singapore Discovery Centre is just next door!  Finally that poor Centre is more accessible to the local crowd.  I did not spend a lot of time there of course.. Since its basically in the middle of nowhere.. hehe..

The tracks do continue furthur west and I believed one day there will be a station called Tuas (just next to 2nd link maybe?)  Then Joo Koon and Boon Lay will slowly be forgotten as the last train station at the West side of Singapore.

Do feel free to view more photos taken with my NEX and 25mm CCTV lens below :) 


Pathway to Singapore Discovery Centre and SAFTI

For those "Owicer" who spent at least 6 months in SAFTI MI. Can see that bloody tower clearly from the station.Road that will leads to Tuas (2nd Link)Singapore Discovery Centre!!! I have been here so many times (kena forced to by army) and till this day.. I still have not "discovered" whats in there... :PThe station is surrounded by factories. This was a funnel like structure beside the pathway. Belongs to The Union Container Pte Ltd... Lots of bicycles are parked at the bicycle bay. Belongs to the factory workers (night shifter?) I guess...

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