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Time to move on.

About 3 years ago. (acutally its much shorter then that).  I decided to come back to Singapore to work while waiting for my wife's status to change which at that time, seems like going to be a long wait.

I was lucky to know a friend from my photography Alumnus in SLCC who introduced me into DC to work as an Insite Engineer.. (basically its a Call centre and network monitoring job)

The shift based job allowed me to adjust my off days so I could fly back to Thailand pretty often to see my wife and kids.  Its a hectic job and pretty long working hours (12 hours shift) but it was suitable for my situation.

A lot of things happened during my work here.  Like I actually got my 2nd child, Ah boy in 2009 (and it was a bit unexpected one too.. :P)  And getting some of my team mates picking up in photography (kena poisoned jialat jialat).

There were of couse, many other differences and dislikes about the job environment (as usual if you work in a corporation) but of course, the friendship and companionship outweighs all these differences.  And this is the 3rd point I wished to highlight.  I managed to get to know some great people during my stint here in DC. I'm not going to list them out but I guess you know who you are (if you are reading this post) and I am eternally grateful to getting to know you all :)

Nevetheless, I wish to thank my friend Mr Dog (his nickname) for introducing me to this job so at least I get paid whille waiting for my wife;s status and at the same time,  being able to go back frequently to Thailand to be with my family.

There's an old chinese saying "天下没有不散的宴席".  (All good things come to an end) So I guess its time to move on and return back to where I belong.  Thanks for the 2 years 7 months of fun!


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anoymousrald said...

i am sure u will be back, bon voyage anyway.