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12 Frames in a year - 2010

I'm not sure if any of you remember this post which was posted on the last day (31 Dec 2009) of the year 2009 where I challenged myself to this 12 frames project.    The film I used was Fuji Provia 400X at ISO 400.  I actually challenged myself by not using the light meter and use my instinct to judge the exposures.  Luckily none of them are blanks or over.  Only 2 of them are severely underexposed while 1 is overexposed.  The rest are still acceptable. 

When I received the developed slides. (Yup, not X-process)  I find that Provia 400X seems to have a green shift when its underexposed.   Not a trait I see before with Provia actually.. might be the new X.  Another thing I am not happy is the theme. I did not actually thought of a common theme for this 12 frames.  Just shoot and go for each month.  So its not a very good re-collection for me in the year 2010.  There are records of important events and some family shots.. but  the 12 shots just does not hold strongly together.

I might do it again but it would be in 2012 :)  Since it also ends with a 12 and I have a whole year to plan on the theme of the 12 months of what I intend to shoot.. hehe

Anyway, enough chat and here's are the 12 months of labour and patience.  Descriptions are below.  You may also click on the picture to see a bigger version of it :) 

And wish my readers a Happy New Year!!

January - Frist day of 2010 - suppose to shoot sunrise but its all covered :P
Feburary - Chinese New Year lanterns at Eunous
March - The kids I taught at North Spring Secondanary Photography Club
April - Family photo session at home in Thailand during the Songkran
May - Trip to Pinnicle Duxton
June - Fooling around in the office after I took some photos of the datacenter at my former job (taken by friend)  Underexposed, not my friend's fault.. he just trigger nia..
July - Mum with boy boy.
August - Took this during the Youth Olympics. 
September - New Camera !!! My Nex 3.. :P
October - Back at home in Thailand.. Girl is in the photo too but this is underexposed
November - Bangkok International Airport
December - The kids with their neighbour Pi Nok. (Overexposed - forgot I was using a 400 film :P)


xiaojeppon said...

Happy New Year! Wish you this year less problems and more solutions!

My Shan Tai wife from Keng Tung origin would like to purchase land and build house in mae sai.....
will 20K SGD be suffice?

Fatboi said...

@xiaojeppon: Thanks for the well wishes. 20k converts less than half a million baht in Thailand. Again, it depends on the location of the land and the type of house you built. Sincerely. Its not enough if you want it in a better location (nearer to the town center and better roads) For a safe bet, you need at least a million baht. For me, location is more important than anything else so maybe you want to ask her to wait for a while to save more before you comit..