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4 days in Thailand already.

And it seems bloody fast too :P.  I came back and have spent most of the time surprisingly, not playing with the kids but resting.  I slept more than 10 hrs a day for the first 2 days and the weather here was extremely good.  Cold in the morning and at night while sunshine in the afternoon.  It's also quite dry in the afternoon too!  Just love the weather here!

I think I was lazy for the pass few days as I knew I will be staying here for a longer period. (No more time limits of going back to work!!)  And girl girl is very happy that I am staying for long.  We have played computer games, watched TV and some other physical activities.  Ah boy also seems to be happy that I'm around.. but he's  a bit more shy and always glue to my wife whenever I'm around.. I guess he's a bit worried that mummy going to dump him to me... hehe

Another unusual spot of me is that I have not taken any photos since I came back!  It's only this morning that I took a few of them when my wife was exercising and the kids were fooling around her.  The break was great but there are tons of things to do too... We had just resubmit our marriage registration to the local Amphur and we are waiting for the Nai Amphur to sign again.  Hopefully we can complete it within the week.

I guess I will be able to write more often too... 

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HH said...

Welcome home! The weather sound nice man.