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The best gifts I received in year 2010.

I would say these 2 items you see in the photo are the best presents I ever received in year 2010.  Although both are just only made up of paper and ink, its really something very significant for me and I received them both of them this week. 

The first one is the little card hand made by my daughter in school.  She drew the cartoon (with her teacher's help of course) and wrote I love my Dad in Thai in that little card.  I got it on Monday and she hand it over to me personally after school :)

The second one (larger document) is my marriage certificate which I received yesterday evening.  Yup!  I am officially married!! No more being Single any more.. hahaha

Its has been a great week and it ends earlier as tomorrow is another Thai Public Holiday.  We plan to have a short trip to Chiang Rai if the weather permits.  Will write if times allow. 


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HH said...

Girl Girl need to draw a larger daddy! Haha... Congrats! Indeed the best present ever.