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A Boring Day in Bangkok

Besides collecting my slides from IQLab.  I have nothing else to do today.  I am not a window shopper so Bangkok's shopping centre does not interests me at all.  I do like to view tech stuff but Pantip Plaza is just another Sim Lim square with sellers who speaks in Thai.  Camera?? Well,  let's just say for more than 8 long years I know Thailand.  No camera is cheap here. (Only HK is the cheapest so far in whole of Asia)

So I tried taking some street photography with my a900 but alas.  This city just does not spark any interest in me anymore.  Its not Bangkok.  Its just me.. I took out my camera and walked down Silom and just saw beggars and street peddlers.   I saw heavy traffic and stunt drivers.   None of them I wish to record down.  

I'm not sure what's wrong with my attitude of this city.  I went to have lunch at a Sizzler joint to indulge myself in a cheap dining experience.  Hoping my mood would turn better.  Salad bar was pretty good and then that's it.  Finished my food and I decided I really need to get out of this city asap.  I went to the nearest Internet Cafe and tried booking a flight out on 23rd.  I don't care if the documents are not endorsed by Singapore embassy.  I just want to get out of this depressing city.  To my horror I left my Singapore phone with my other bag in the hotel.  So I could not complete the transactions.  I took a train to Phaya Thai and visited the Airport express train station.  Wierd location to have it ends here.  I then took the same rail to Makassan station (the express train service I wrote last time)  and tried walking towards to the Petchuburi MRT station.  Its actually pretty near but the pavements are horrible. If you have a lot of luggage then that option is out.

I then reached back my hotel and was in my room reading and surfing (I topped up some money to my DTAC phone) by tethering my Nexus one to my Acer netbook.  Pretty good connection actually. And also completed my flight booking transactions.  I would be out of here tomorrow during this time (just 24hours more to go)...


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Interested said...

Have been reading your blog for some time now. Have been visiting Thailand for many, many years now and your blog about the issues and sometimes frustrating blockages you face really opens my eyes to other aspects of the country apart from just a tourist's view. Just wanted to pat you on your back and ask you to keep up your blogging. The changes you are facing should be interesting.