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Boys will be boys

Before you read the rest of the entry.  You might want to watch this video of my boy whacking a balloon with his plastic sword.  Pretty fierce.

My wife bought that toy for him.  She's a bit worried that he would not be "man" enough as he's surrounded by girls (lucky chap).  Its true, the whole neighbourhood around my area has very little boys.  For eg, my street has only a boy living at the extreme corner who is already going into his teens.  :P  The next street is better but all of them are much more older then my boy (about 7 or 8 years older).  In short, no kids around the block are around my boy's age.  

It also does not help when his sister's friends are around.  Again, all of them are girls of course.  Here's an old picture of the gang of 5 (now 6 with Nawng Fit who is not the picture)   Which makes my wife feels that he's a bit lonely and needs some toys that brings out the manliness in him (face palm)

Of course, I'm a bit concerned about this, but not on the manliness area but more on the bullying area.  Girls can be quite harsh in bullying too you know. :P  And being the only boy is an easy target for the girls to pick on..

Anyway, after a few days with that toy you see in the video, my wife starts to regret in buying it.  Why? Because the little bugger has progressed to whacking us with his sword instead of inanimated objects.  I just snatch it away froim him if he does it to me so he actually starts to select his targets.  So my home maker, his sister and my wife are receiving the blows more often then me.  Wife tried reasoning with him (hehe.. like it will work), of course he just continues to whack to see our painful expression and thinks its fun.  

Anyway the solution was simple.  I just hid the sword somewhere so he stopped.  For a while of course. Now he actually looked for sticks and stuffs to bang on.  Wife and her bright ideas......


HH said...

Hey Ah boy left handler?

ndroo said...

A real man needs a camera (or a few of them). Hehehe. Dump the sword, get him cams. :D

Fatboi said...

@HH yeah... same like his sister.. a lefty.. guess I read too much on socialism.. :P
@ndroo Boy is only 1 year and a half and you want me to buy camera liao???!!! I know you are sick but not that sick!! huhuhuh