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Finally some good news.

This morning after fetching my girl to school.  We went to the clinic to get my boy his shots (vaccine).  While waiting for our turn.  Wife received a call from the local amphue asking us to drop by the office today to have our Marriage Certificate signed.  Its seems that the Nai Amphue has finally signed our document.

Just dropped by the district office and signed the last 2 pieces of papers.  Tomorrow can go and collect the certificates (I hope so :P)

Finally settled another long due piece of document.  With this certificate.  I could officially apply for a long term O visa at the Singapore Thai embassy.  No more lousy 1 month stay in Thailand! Whoo  hoo!!


HH said...

Hopefully this is it man! Fingers crossed!

anoymousrald said...

congrats on finally getting that papers.