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Good Morning Everyone!!

We sleep quite early here in Thailand.  Around 8.30pm (SG 9.30) and we wake up normally between 6am to 7am.

The morning air is extremely refreshing, average temperature is around 18 degrees celsius.  My wife normally wakes up a bit early to go Gam Lang Kai (exercise for Thai).  Her new routine involves a gigantic Hula Hoop.. hehe.. Yesterday morning the kids woke up early and we got to have some fun with her.

Here's a short clip of them..

PS. I will be posting more often in short posts. Think it will be more efficient for me and you won't get bored reading them too.. :)



HH said...

Hey what you used to film?

anoymousrald said...

it reminded me of the time i spent there during february this year. it seems that the stalls and shops are not officially opened until about 8am ( by the way i went there during chinese new year, maybe it was festive season ) and came night time, mostly around 7.30pm plus most shops were closed and most thais and burmese were on their way home either to chiang saen or tachilek. What left from what i remembered were roadside stalls opening till maybe 9pm plus. Anyway i stayed very closed to the bridge which overlooked Myanmar.

Fatboi said...

I used my Nex 3 to film this lor :)