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My Boy

I have a strong feeling my boy will be the same nut job like me when he grows old.:P  The traits are already showing.  He throws up milk like me (just cry a bit and he will vomit like a merlion liao).  He's cheeky and likes to laugh.  (My mum says I'm like that too before I went to primary school)  He do weird things.  Just like this series of photos I took on my last visit.  Macham those Chinese people doing the welcome dance.... hehehe 

 Preparing the flowers...

Bloody clever of him to seat at the cleanest drain covers.. :P

Waiting for the VIP


The series were taken with my Dynax 7 using Sensia 100.  My last roll in my stock, think need to go stock up again... There are more photos of the kids,  I will post them later maybe in facebook.

And here's a short clip of boy boy monkeying around for those who might have missed it... :P  Taken with my Nex 3 with 50mm lens



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