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My Girl

I have not posted much of girl girl lately.  Not because I did not want to but its her reaction whenever I point my camera at her.  She would, most of the time just run away or stop whatever she is doing and strikes a pose for me.  I don't mind her posing but I prefer to take photos of her while she is playing instead.   So its harder for me to get good shots from her nowadays.   Think I should switch to machine gun mode to get some interesting pictures of her.

Anyway, here's 4 photos of her I took just in my recent trip.  And of course, a video of her stealing her friend's bike.. hehehe


Not sure why they always like to sit on drain covers...

Prepared! All ready to go to school :)Tendering our friend's vegetable gardenPosing again.. This one is taken with a digital cam.

Anh here's a short video of her :)

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