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Off to Bangkok ... again..

I think I wrote serveral times about my feelings about the capital of Thailand so not going to repeat myself.  Instead,  just want to note down and write my coming plans.  I will be taking a bus (yup a bloody bus) to Bangkok.  The journey will start tomorrow at 1700 where I will board from the Maesai bus station and the trip will take me 13 hours.  (Reach BKK Mo Chit at 6am morning)

To be frank, its not the first time I did this and I did not enjoyed the last trip (about 4 -5 years ago).  So I'm not really looking forward on this journey.  The reason I'm doing this again is 3 folds.

First, Its cheaper.  The bus ride only cost 700Baht comapre to 1200B (at least or more). 

2nd, The timing is pretty good.  I reach at 6am so I could drop by my friend's place early and drop my baggages.  I could then immediately proceed with my errands.  If I'm taking the plane, I could not do that as the earliest flight that I could reach BKK is 10am.  So it might be possible that I could have the documents translated in one day so I could spend less time in BKK.

3rd, I actually save more money!! (again) hehe.. lodgings in BKK is expensive, although I do know a pretty good hotel at Rachadapisek at a good old 700Baht/day rate (There are cheaper lodgings but the room conditions are normally cannot make it).  So the bus trip should let me save a night's stay in BKK.

I have not get my return tickets for Singapore.  Most probably will do that once I submitted the document and hopefully I could do it by Wednesday, if not Friday (Chirstmas Day) should be a peak period and I might have trouble getting out of the country.

And for those who are asking why so few photos of the family this round.. Well, I actually took a lot, most of them in slides and black and white negatives so I need to have them developed.  I have learnt of a place in BKK that develops slides and I plan to visit that lab if time allows.  Will post the photos once I have them scanned :)

Have to wish me luck on that long bus ride.. Think I really need it  :P  A bit too old for such adventures.

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