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Stuck for another day....

I have been in Bangkok since Monday morning and I actually planned to have all my things sorted out on Wednesday.  Day 1 is to have my document translated while Day 2 is to have my translated documents certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  (that is today)  Day 3 supposingly to have my certified documents endorsed by the Singapore Embassy. 

But due to the amount of documents need to be certified.  I was denied the express service (double charges for each document submitted) so it will take the usual of 3 working days (inclusive of the day you submit).  That means I could only get my document back from them on Thurday.  Which makes me totally free today and tomorrow.

As I mentioned countless time before.  I don't really like Bangkok.  And the extra time here makes me suffocate more.  Thai people elsewhere are extremely kind and helpful but over here, most of them are just plain rude and dishonest. 

For egs.  The Taxi I took to  MFA just kept the tollway money to himself (just 10B but he just assume I would give it to him)  So no tips when I reached my destination.  The motorcycle taxi young chap who drives like a lunatic and trying to squeuze through the traffic.  I actually nearly fell off the bike while he just chided me in Thai " What you afraid of, if you are afriad we would just hit something".  I just ignored him.  Another Taxi driver drives like a lunatic, cutting lanes after lanes and have near misses at almost every min.  Not sure how he pass his test.. And really wonder if he is skillful or like what I said before.  The invisible force field of the blessing surroudning the Taxi definitely is in full force. 

Not to mention another joker at the MFA.  I was writing at the counter with the pen and put the pen beside me as I was sorting out the documents.  This joker just grabbed it from me without even asking if I have finished.  Naturally I just stared at him and he just ignored me.  He finished and I took back the pen and continued.  I would easily pass it to him if he had asked.. but Noooo... he just has to snatched it.

I'm really not sure why people in Bangkok are like this.  Feeling superior as they are in the city?  As they say dog eat dog world in Bangkok.

Of course,  I'm not saying all the people in Bangkok are such state but sincerely, ,majority it is.

So now I'm stuck in Bangkok and typing this in a small Internet Cafe charging 40B an hour.  Hopefully I get to meet some better people in the coming days to offset my negative feeling to this city.


anoymousrald said...

they yellow shirts ma. middle and upper class.

anoymousrald said...

it amazing how human characters are.