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Translations and more translations

The one thing extremely bad and inconvinient about Thailand is the official language is not in English. Which means, if I have some official documents from Singapore, I need to have them translated to Thai script and vice versa if its a Thai document, I need to translate them back to English.

The tedious part is only embassy or the MFA are able to officiate my translated document.  Which means I need to travel down to Bangkok.

Initially, I was planning to have my visa run this coming end of the month so I could stay until end of January and bring the family back to Singapore for Chinese New Year.  But the runs no longer gives 30 days visa.  They are only giving 15 days so its a miscalculated move.  

So I changed my plan and decided to head back to Bangkok for a day or 2 to get my marriage certificate translated and notorized.  Then a flight back to Singapore to prepare the house for the incoming kids.  I will be back again in Thailand in late January to fetch the kids and wife.  So I wasted some money on another flight back to Singapore again... Sometimes no matter how much you plan it still screws up somewhere. :)


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