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A day at Jurong Bird Park

We actually went to the bird park last Thursday.  My sister took a day off and we took the rented car to Singapore Jurong Bird Park.  Its a 20 to 30mins drive from our place.  So along the way, Boy boy actually fell asleep.

At the entrance, we bought the park hopper tickets for the upcoming Zoo trip too.  (Save some moola) Services at the park is pretty good.  There are actually electic scooters, wagons and strollers for rental.  We rented a stroller (yes, I'm using one even though I'm anti strollers...:P) and placed ah boy in it.  He slept for about 15 mins in the stroller while we plan how we are going to conquer this huge park.

As we reached there at around 1130am.  Its only 1 and half hour before the children's parrot show starts near the entrance.  So we decided to just stroll around the area and catch the show before venturing furthur into the park.  So we took photos of the family with the flamingos, parrots and around the pretty gardens around the area.  Price for the family shoot is pretty steep.. bloody $20 for the 8x10 photo.  (Daylight Robbery!)  We did it anyway as both the kids want to grab hold of the birds.

The bird show started on time and the kids loved the parrots perfoming tricks and stunts :)  Boy was truly attracted to the colourful birds.  

Later we just took the monorail and visit the African waterfall... (bloody fake)  And we just slowly stroll back to the entrance.  At this point,  girl girl is the one sitting in the stroller while my mum pushes her.  Girl actually wanted Grandma to push her faster and so the 2 of them started a small demolition derby... kena scolded by me :P hehehe.

We did not visit the Dory Avairy which is a shame but the 2 kids are already a bit tired from all the walking.  Left the place at around  3.30pm.  Just nice for the 1 and a half year old boy.  The kids slept on the car while I drove back.  Pretty fun but bloody tiring trip.  Click here to view the rest of the photos.

A day at the beach

Not really a whole day actually.  Its just about an hour as it started to rain so we have to retreat.. Weird Singapore weather.  Took some photos of the kids playing with the water which you can see them below.  It's been sometime I am using the 135mm zeiss and just loved the colours it  could produce.

The 2 kids seems to have adjusted to Singapore's time and weather.  However, the 2 kids and I are still having running noses and minor coughs which we contracted before we came back.  Girl girl caught the bug first while at school and spread to my and ah boy.  So water and more physical activities are out of the question and the moment. 

I managed to loan a car from a friend for 2 weeks so it helps in getting the family here and there.  Though I still need to get myself adjusted to drive in Singapore's road.  Bloody lots of impatient drivers (and the worst is that its not Taxi drivers).

Planning to bring them to the bird park or zoo coming Thursday or Friday.  Really depends if the 2 kids get better soon.



No more padi field.

Just at the end of our street there are 2 rice fields.  Its used to be a pretty nice view (you can click here to see the padi)but these padis are gone now.   The developer's bought the land and they are buiding a 3 storey building on the empty fields.

They actually started to pile sand ontop of the padis since last December and they just started piling the structural beams into the ground.  The sudden change in environment could be told by the amount of rats that started to invade our neighbourhood.  These are, I beleived, rats on the padi fields which lost their homes.  I already caught 6 to 7 of them in my house.  Pretty bad for them and us as I had to trap them with glue pads and sent them off to somewhere else.

So in the name of progress, we do harm to the environment.  The real irony of life.

Not enough time!!

I tried to allocate myself to write a few short paragraphs each day but after our homemaker left.  I have not time to do so as I am helping my wife with house chores and looking after the kids. We decided not to hire another one as its just too troublesome.  Moreover we are travelling to Singapore soon so if we are to employ a new homemaker, it will be after our trip.

So we took turns looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning up the mess... etc etc etc.. I tried to turn on the computer and girl girl will rush and want to play some dressup games on the Internet.. Arrggghhh!!!

Some updates.  I just bought an Ipad in Bangkok. Just the wifi version.  I know some of you would think (huh!  I thought you hate Apple products!)  On the contary, I don't really, I just hate the iPhone nia. (and those people who used it and cliam its the best phone ever)

Reason I buy it is becuase its a good deal.  Let's just say I got the 32GB Wifi version at more than $100 SGD off the list price in Singapore!  And I got it at the local Thai Apple store gallery too. hehe.

I actually planned to get one when I saw some kids playing some very interesting children games on the device while i was in a plane.  So after doing some research, I decided to plunge ahead and get one for my kids and myself :P

Gadget wise, its ok and actually most of the time.  My girl is using it to play some children's animated story books or Angry Bird while I can have my PC back to surf the web or write a blog :)

Anyway,  I will write more later.  Girl girl just woke up and she's screaming for attention again.  Yes.. I typed this while both of them are sleeping.   Time to go...

Going to an interesting Chinese New Year

Apologies that I have not written a single entry since the end of last year :P.  For the pass 2 weeks I have been busy preparing my mum's apartment here in Singapore for the arrival of the kids.  Yup!  There are coming to Singapore for the first time!! It will be a 2 week stay (not too long as girl girl still have school)

Logistically speaking, I have prepped up my room for the wife and kids. I took my mum's queen size mattress and put on the floor in my room.  I have also packed away most of the sharp objects lying around the house.  Its quite a task to baby proof the whole apartment.   As you know I have my own photographic black and white chemicals lying in my room, so I have to get them out too....

Then there are the diapers, children's toiletries, baby milk powder and etc etc... Speaking of milk powder.  Its bloody expensive here!! I could save $8 at least for certain branded milk powder!  Think I got the right choice to have my kids in Thailand.

So tomorrow I will be flying back to Thailand.  We would be coming over on the 23rd Feb.  Lots of plan for them when they are here.. Visit the Zoo and bird park, maybe even peak a bit on the IRs... :P hehe