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A day at the beach

Not really a whole day actually.  Its just about an hour as it started to rain so we have to retreat.. Weird Singapore weather.  Took some photos of the kids playing with the water which you can see them below.  It's been sometime I am using the 135mm zeiss and just loved the colours it  could produce.

The 2 kids seems to have adjusted to Singapore's time and weather.  However, the 2 kids and I are still having running noses and minor coughs which we contracted before we came back.  Girl girl caught the bug first while at school and spread to my and ah boy.  So water and more physical activities are out of the question and the moment. 

I managed to loan a car from a friend for 2 weeks so it helps in getting the family here and there.  Though I still need to get myself adjusted to drive in Singapore's road.  Bloody lots of impatient drivers (and the worst is that its not Taxi drivers).

Planning to bring them to the bird park or zoo coming Thursday or Friday.  Really depends if the 2 kids get better soon.




HH said...

Wah can't remember when is the last time I was in Singapore's Beach.

anoymousrald said...

nice shots but really shall post more