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Going to an interesting Chinese New Year

Apologies that I have not written a single entry since the end of last year :P.  For the pass 2 weeks I have been busy preparing my mum's apartment here in Singapore for the arrival of the kids.  Yup!  There are coming to Singapore for the first time!! It will be a 2 week stay (not too long as girl girl still have school)

Logistically speaking, I have prepped up my room for the wife and kids. I took my mum's queen size mattress and put on the floor in my room.  I have also packed away most of the sharp objects lying around the house.  Its quite a task to baby proof the whole apartment.   As you know I have my own photographic black and white chemicals lying in my room, so I have to get them out too....

Then there are the diapers, children's toiletries, baby milk powder and etc etc... Speaking of milk powder.  Its bloody expensive here!! I could save $8 at least for certain branded milk powder!  Think I got the right choice to have my kids in Thailand.

So tomorrow I will be flying back to Thailand.  We would be coming over on the 23rd Feb.  Lots of plan for them when they are here.. Visit the Zoo and bird park, maybe even peak a bit on the IRs... :P hehe 

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