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No more padi field.

Just at the end of our street there are 2 rice fields.  Its used to be a pretty nice view (you can click here to see the padi)but these padis are gone now.   The developer's bought the land and they are buiding a 3 storey building on the empty fields.

They actually started to pile sand ontop of the padis since last December and they just started piling the structural beams into the ground.  The sudden change in environment could be told by the amount of rats that started to invade our neighbourhood.  These are, I beleived, rats on the padi fields which lost their homes.  I already caught 6 to 7 of them in my house.  Pretty bad for them and us as I had to trap them with glue pads and sent them off to somewhere else.

So in the name of progress, we do harm to the environment.  The real irony of life.

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