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Not enough time!!

I tried to allocate myself to write a few short paragraphs each day but after our homemaker left.  I have not time to do so as I am helping my wife with house chores and looking after the kids. We decided not to hire another one as its just too troublesome.  Moreover we are travelling to Singapore soon so if we are to employ a new homemaker, it will be after our trip.

So we took turns looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning up the mess... etc etc etc.. I tried to turn on the computer and girl girl will rush and want to play some dressup games on the Internet.. Arrggghhh!!!

Some updates.  I just bought an Ipad in Bangkok. Just the wifi version.  I know some of you would think (huh!  I thought you hate Apple products!)  On the contary, I don't really, I just hate the iPhone nia. (and those people who used it and cliam its the best phone ever)

Reason I buy it is becuase its a good deal.  Let's just say I got the 32GB Wifi version at more than $100 SGD off the list price in Singapore!  And I got it at the local Thai Apple store gallery too. hehe.

I actually planned to get one when I saw some kids playing some very interesting children games on the device while i was in a plane.  So after doing some research, I decided to plunge ahead and get one for my kids and myself :P

Gadget wise, its ok and actually most of the time.  My girl is using it to play some children's animated story books or Angry Bird while I can have my PC back to surf the web or write a blog :)

Anyway,  I will write more later.  Girl girl just woke up and she's screaming for attention again.  Yes.. I typed this while both of them are sleeping.   Time to go...

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