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90 days!

90 days!  Finally I get to have my Non-Immigrant Visa approved and got this stamped on the 7 Feb.  Which will last me till May.

I have spent 2 days in Bangkok before I returned to Maesai on the 9th.  It was hectic.  Wife wants to meet up with a friend of ours and we visited her and her child.  The 2 ladies decided to go for a shopping spree.  So guess who is taking care of the kids? :P

Nearly died for 2 consecutive days and was so tired when I reached back Maesai.  I actually wanted to write something that night but was occupied with a reader's email so I took some time to reply to him.  By then, its pretty late and I have no more energy to write anything.

There are still photos of the family in Singapore that I have not uploaded.  Have not even sorted them and yet I need to travel again coming Saturday.  Tomorrow will be my trip to Chiang Mai to take a plane to Ko Samui to attend my TEFL course.

Yes, I am actually planning to be an English teacher here in Thailand and the TEFL certification is one big stepping stone that I need to get a teaching job here in Thailand.  Will write more about this later.  Need to sort some photos and do some packing.  I think I am even more busier then my last job in Singapore.  Think my next entry will be in Samui island. 


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