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Arrived in Style!

Prepare to get bombarded with updates from me as I am away from home and arrived in Koh Samui!!!  And arrived in style I did.  I have read about reviewers and visitors claiming the airport in Samui has a distinctive style of its own and will provide a shock and awe when you have arrived.  I was a bit skeptical until I saw it with my own eyes and Yes I was awed.  Its a bloody airport built in a beautiful garden cum resort like structure.   There are no passenger cranes to a big transit hall.  We have to climb down the stairs to board the little beautiful carts that you see in the photo.  The carts will ferry us to the arrival hall is like a little hut like building.  I have no time and more importantly "space" to take photos as it was crowded with tourists.  There is only 1 baggage belt and 2 flights arrived almost at the same time.  Imagine the chaos!   Another funny thing is that it seems I am the only Asian fella among the whole group.  I feel like I am in Europe (heard people speak in French and German).  hehe

Took a mini-van to my resort.  A small nice cosy hut.  Called wife and the kids to report I'm here and told my wife about the journey.  She already a bit worried about the expenses (quite true as the living standards is about the same or more than in Bkk.)

Anyway, Signing off for the night.  There's wifi in my room but its pretty unstable.  Think its being jammed by other users..  Have to post this using my tethered mobile :P


HH said...

Welcome to Tourist Island!

anoymousrald said...

good luck for the tefl course